Boson X Privacy Policy

Boson X does not collect or transmit any of your personal data, except where a third party leaderboard or achievement service is used (see below).

No version of the game, for any platform, contains any kind of analytics software.

PC and Android leaderboards

If you activate the online leaderboards feature in the free PC, Mac or Linux versions (downloadable from this website), or the paid Android version, it will send your username (which can be anything you like) and score to our leaderboard server. The server will generate a random unique identifier that will then be used to distinguish you from other players. On the PC, Mac and Linux versions this identifier can be cleared by selecting the reset option in the game's options menu. On the Android version the identifier can be reset by clearing the apps data. No other data is collected or stored and no login is required to use the leaderboards.

iOS leaderboards and achievements

The iOS version uses Apple's Game Center service which is subject to Apple's privacy policy.